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Its time to stop being confused about cyber security

Open Access Government - Technology News

A cyber security breach can have far-reaching consequences, including compromised national security, disrupted public services, financial losses, and a decline in citizen trust. It’s OK as an individual and even as an organisation to be confused about cyber security.

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Combating cyber-enabled fraud: Sapphire’s proactive cyber security approach

Open Access Government - Technology News

Given the vast number of cyber-enabled frauds in the UK, significant changes in the approach to cyber security are necessary to achieve this goal. Sapphire is a UK-owned and operated cyber security company. Cyber security awareness Security awareness is crucial in protecting against fraud and cyber attacks.

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Improving software security in the public sector

Open Access Government - Technology News

UK public sector organisations are facing threats and increasingly sophisticated attacks on key infrastructure and software security This trend is only expanding as more services become digitised and complex software supply chains multiply the opportunities for malicious actors to infiltrate networks.

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Securing Mixed Reality from Emerging Cyberthreats

FedTech Magazine

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s new Intrinsic Cognitive Security program aims to fortify military… Or, attacks might clutter displays with virtual objects that cause users to misinterpret critical information and compromise military operations.

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Efficiency and Sustainability: Leveraging Digital Solutions in Facility Operations

Speaker: Alan Kavanaugh, BA, CRM, CCPI ​​​​​​​Director of Loss Control & Risk Management

Secure your spot now on January 23rd, 24th, or 25th and be a part of paving the way towards a more sustainable future! Enhanced strategies to drive sustainability within facility operations. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your facility management practices while contributing positively to environmental sustainability.

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How to balance Accessibility and Security in an AI world

Microsoft Public Sector

However, there is one lingering question that has always and continues to be in the background: “How to balance accessibility, productivity and security in an AI world.” Before jumping in with Accessibility and Security discussion, I wanted to quickly review AI and Copilot to share why so many users are excited. What is AI and Copilot?

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UK Gov launches measures to enhance cyber security in AI models and software

Open Access Government - Technology News

Notably, the notorious breach on the MoveIT software in 2023 underscores the critical need for robust cyber security measures in safeguarding sensitive data and mitigating cyber threats. With cyber resilience at the forefront of national priorities, the stage is set for a future defined by innovation, security, and prosperity.

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The Ultimate Playground Inspection Handbook

Whether you're a playground owner or are maintenance personnel, this handbook equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to create a secure and enjoyable play environment. Learn about safety protocols, such as establishing age-appropriate areas.