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New Programs: Specialized Activities with Camp Managers

Summer Camp Programming

. “Cooking with Cindy” is a program that was introduced at a summer camp whose kitchen manager, Cindy, spearheaded. This innovative program not only enriched the campers’ experience […] The post New Programs: Specialized Activities with Camp Managers first appeared on Summer Camp Programming.

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Grant Management Magic

Grant Writing Made Easy

Finding the Perfect Software for Your Nonprofit Ah, grant management! In the vibrant nonprofit world, where grant processes seem to twist and turn like a labyrinth, having the right grant management software isn’t just helpful—it’s a game changer. Why Bother with Grant Management Software? But fear not!


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Measuring and managing risk in the quest for resilience


COMMENTARY | Incidents like the Baltimore bridge collapse should motivate local leaders to think carefully about risk management, prevention and mitigation.

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How generative AI can help banks manage risk and compliance

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

In the next five years, generative AI could fundamentally change financial institutions’ risk management by automating, accelerating, and enhancing everything from compliance to climate risk control.

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Efficiency and Sustainability: Leveraging Digital Solutions in Facility Operations

Speaker: Alan Kavanaugh, BA, CRM, CCPI ​​​​​​​Director of Loss Control & Risk Management

Attendees will learn: Insights into cutting-edge trends and strategies in sustainable facility management. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your facility management practices while contributing positively to environmental sustainability. Enhanced strategies to drive sustainability within facility operations.

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Defund Emergency Management

Disaster Zone blog

Whose responsibility is it to fund state and local emergency management?

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Disaster Zone Podcast: Washington State Emergency Management

Disaster Zone blog

Learn about the hazards and the organization charged with all aspects of emergency management.

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Facility Maintenance Trends for 2024: What's Changing in the Industry?

From embracing smart technology for efficient management, sustainability's pivotal role to data-driven decision-making, workforce upskilling, and predictive maintenance strategies, each aspect is explored. This comprehensive article delves into the transformative trends reshaping local government facility maintenance in anticipation of 2024.

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Sustainable Facility Maintenance Management for Small Local Governments

Unlock the potential of sustainable facility management! This guide empowers small local governments to lead with climate-resilient infrastructure, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and more. Elevate your community's resilience, reduce costs, and embrace eco-friendly practices.