Proactive vs Reactive Maintenance: Making the Case for Preparedness


Discover comprehensive strategies for optimizing operations and achieving cost efficiency! This document offers insights into efficient inspections, data-driven decision-making, goal alignment, and resource optimization. It empowers local governments and maintenance departments to streamline operations and ensure significant cost savings. From aligning maintenance goals with community needs to leveraging data for strategic planning, this guide provides a roadmap for smoother, more reliable opera

Sustainable Facility Maintenance Management for Small Local Governments


Unlock the potential of sustainable facility management! This guide empowers small local governments to lead with climate-resilient infrastructure, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and more. Elevate your community's resilience, reduce costs, and embrace eco-friendly practices. Discover the role of facility maintenance teams in green cleaning, sustainability analyses, and infrastructure upgrades.

Facility Maintenance Trends for 2024: What's Changing in the Industry?


This comprehensive article delves into the transformative trends reshaping local government facility maintenance in anticipation of 2024. From embracing smart technology for efficient management, sustainability's pivotal role to data-driven decision-making, workforce upskilling, and predictive maintenance strategies, each aspect is explored. Insights into outsourcing collaborations, digital twins, safety enhancements, and the broader industry evolution highlight the critical adaptation needed.

Strategies For Public Works Employees to Embrace Government Software


In a rapidly evolving landscape, the integration of digital software into Public Works teams has become imperative. This shift presents an opportunity to transcend traditional approaches, unlocking new levels of efficiency, cost savings, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. This article offers comprehensive strategies to navigate this transformation.

The Ultimate Playground Inspection Handbook


Dive into the world of playground safety with this complimentary guide. It offers a detailed exploration of essential practices to ensure the utmost safety for children. Delve into inspection techniques, from assessing equipment conditions to evaluating surfacing materials. Gain insights into maintenance strategies to keep playgrounds in top-notch condition year-round.

7 Signs Your Local Government ERP Is Holding You Back: A Guide for Small Municipalities

Local governments and municipalities serving populations under 200,000 face distinctive challenges in delivering efficient and effective services to their communities. To overcome these challenges, many rely on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems tailored to their specific needs. Not all ERP systems are created equal, and some may hinder progress rather than support it.

ASPA TIMES Magazine: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

PA TIMES Magazine is a publication of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), a not-for-profit corporation. This edition focused on diversity, equity and inclusion in public administration, including guest columns, insights for the field and interviews with city government DEI officers about their work at the local level.