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S1 Episode 02: Review of 2017 and Preview of 2018

ParkTalk podcast

They introduce the District’s new mission statement and preview new projects for 2018. They introduce the District’s new mission statement and preview new projects for 2018. They end with their personal reflections on why they are serving in the field of parks and recreation.

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States Improve Unemployment Insurance Systems with Cloud Solutions

State Tech Magazine

The DWS moved its UI system to the cloud in 2018 using federal funding from the U.S. What they may not realize: The unemployment insurance system through which claims are filed does not run on infrastructure at DWS headquarters in Cheyenne but on an offsite Microsoft Azure Government data center. Department of Labor.

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The most popular books of 2018

Princeton Public Library

It’s hard to believe but the end of the year is just one month away. As expected, Best Books of the Year lists are popping up all over the place (including our own list specifically for winter reading). These lists are often enlightening and debate-worthy but I wanted to look at something a bit more […]

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TAGITM 2024: Seguin’s Partnership with Extreme Networks Pays Off

State Tech Magazine

When Shane McDaniel became CIO of Seguin, Texas, in March 2018, he was surprised at the state of the city’s legacy network infrastructure. “It It contained things that I truly did not know still existed,” McDaniel told a panel at the annual conference of the Texas Association of Government IT Managers on Thursday.

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Updating Government Auditing Standards—The 2024 Yellow Book

GAO (US Government Accountability Office)

Today, we issue a new revision of the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards , also known as the “Yellow Book,” which supersedes the 2018 revision of the standards. Attention auditors! The Yellow Book is the book of standards and guidance.

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A vision for medical affairs 2030: Five priorities for patient impact

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

In 2018, we foresaw medical affairs playing a more strategic role and contributing greater patient impact. That future is now; there’s work to be done to realize it and reach the next level vision.

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The Rising Threat of Domestic Terrorism in the U.S. and Federal Efforts to Combat It

GAO (US Government Accountability Office)

A 2018 attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue left. Domestic terrorism is on the rise. Several attacks have been widely reported in the last few years. For example, in May 2022, a racially-motivated individual shot and killed 10 people in Buffalo, New York.

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