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Accountability Fosters Better Results and More Respect

Careers in Government

Accountability Fosters Better Results and More Respect The post Accountability Fosters Better Results and More Respect appeared first on Careers in Government.

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How to Hold Your Team Accountable


Whether it’s a missed deadline, unprofessional behavior or maybe even a commitment issue, there are certain behaviors that supervisors have to hold their employees accountable for. Here are a few top takeaways from the session: Accountability Begins with You: “You have to think ‘me’ first,” said Smith.


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Addressing the shortage of government accountants: 2 paths to efficiency


COMMENTARY | The dwindling number of qualified, government-savvy accounting professionals makes it imperative municipalities find new efficiencies sooner rather than later.

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How leaders can get comfortable with accountability

Partnership for Public Service

Accountability can be a scary word for federal leaders. We often associate the word with audits and “gotcha” exercises, but accountability is so much more than that. In fact, government supervisors need to embrace and get comfortable with accountability if they want to be effective at leading people and achieving results.

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FOIA Backlogs Hinder Government Transparency and Accountability

GAO (US Government Accountability Office)

Each year, media outlets, businesses, and members of the public file hundreds of thousands of requests for government records on a wide range of topics—from consumer safety to national security. Their ability to access these records is protected.

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Growing Disparities in Retirement Account Savings

GAO (US Government Accountability Office)

In recent decades, workers have taken on increasing responsibility for securing their retirement savings through retirement accounts, such as 401(k)s. Factors like whether an employer contributes to these accounts or not can effect retirement savings.

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Protect your users’ accounts with reCAPTCHA Enterprise’s account defender

Google Public Sector

When installed on a web page at the point of action, such as login, purchase, or account creation, reCAPTCHA Enterprise provides a frictionless user experience that allows legitimate users to proceed while fake users and bots are blocked. What is account defender?