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2022 Top Grant Writing Blogs

DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services

We’re excited to announce the 2022 Top Grant Writing Blogs to Follow. With this mission in mind, our team put together a list of our top go-to grant writing blogs that share tips and tricks to help you as a nonprofit write strong, well written LOI’s and grant applications. Candid Blog. 1832 Communications. 1832 Communications.

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Teaching policy analysis with a blog

Paul Cairney

Paul Cairney (2023) ‘Teaching the politics of policy analysis, aided by a blog’, Gestión y Análisis de Políticas Públicas (GAPP), [link] When…


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A Viewer Asks: Should You Go Back and Rewrite Your Library’s Old Social Media and Blog Posts?

Super Library Marketing

Watch this episode now #LibraryMarketing Show, episode 213 A viewer wants to know: “Do I need to go back in time and update all my social media posts and my blog posts” That’s a great question! S ubscribe to this blog and you’ll receive an email whenever I post. Is it a good practice or a waste of your time?

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But I’m Not a Writer! 10 Free Tools To Help You With Library Blog Posts, Speeches, Emails, and More.

Super Library Marketing

You’re likely writing blog posts, emails, speeches, press releases, talking points, and more. You may consider turning to other, more content-rich and impactful tactics like blogs and print newsletters. I use them every day on everything I write (including this blog post). Writing is difficult. Here are my favorites!

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A Blog Post on Winter Weather and Emergency Managers--That AI Wrote

Disaster Zone blog

I'm going to be out of a job!

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How does the Information Environment Threaten National Security? (video blog)

GAO (US Government Accountability Office)

Today’s information environment poses opportunities and threats to our national security. Wireless communication and social media have increased the speed and range of information sharing, diffusing the power once held more centrally. In the videos.

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TheCityFix’s Top 10 Blogs From the Year of COVID-19

The City Fix

In 2020, cities found themselves on the frontlines of the battle against a new and fast-spreading virus that soon became a global pandemic. Even as some places reacted with smart and swift responses that allowed for a partial return to normalcy, Continue reading on

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