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Philadelphia reduced school-based arrests by 91% since 2013—researchers explain the effects of keeping kids out of the legal system


COMMENTARY | Launched in 2014, the city's diversion program looks to prevent youths from being referred to the criminal justice system. In the first five years, it decreased school-based arrests by 84%, and researchers say it saves taxpayers millions of dollars.

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2014 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference

2014 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference Open Water Data Initiative – Unifying Water Data for the Nation Call For Lightening Talks (Deadline: October 27, 2014) In coordination with The White House Climate Data Initiative, the Federal Geographic Data Committee, and … Continued.

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A Look At The Final Designs For DC's 11th Street Bridge Park

Rebuilding Place in Urban Space

I was on the design review committee for this initiative back in 2014--10 years ago! From DC Urban Turf.

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Pathway to successful e-grocery

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Serial entrepreneur Tomáš Čupr takes us behind the scenes of Rohlik, a fast-growing online grocer founded in 2014 in the Czech Republic that caters to affluent urban shoppers.

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A community Dr. King would be proud to call home: Revitalizing Atlanta’s westside

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

The president and CEO of the Westside Future Fund shares learnings from working to revitalize neighborhoods in Atlanta and the impact the organization has had in the community since being launched in 2014.

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Tech Trends: Microsoft to Introduce AI to Many Government Workers

State Tech Magazine

Collins, who served as state CIO of Delaware from 2014 to 2020, shared AI insights specific to government agencies. StateTech’s Mickey McCarter chatted with James Collins, Microsoft’s public sector leader for the Americas, about these capabilities. STATETECH…

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4 Ways to Flex Your Leadership From The Classroom


In 2014, I was feeling burnt out, as many educators often feel. By: Lauren Pfeffer Stuart Did you know there are ways to lead while still keeping your classroom position? I loved being with kids, but felt I wanted to impact education on a larger scale, and I needed a change of pace.