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ACRL national - Library Marketing and Outreach Discussion -Artificial Intelligence in Marketing & Outreach (Register and Open Discussion Session) - November 30, 2023

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About the ACRL National Library Marketing and Outreach Discussion Group: Launched at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference, this group encourages regional meet ups around the U.S. The ACRL National Library Marketing and Outreach Discussion Group has been created for Academic Librarians interested in Marketing and Outreach.

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MP-CPI-23-003 National Lupus Outreach and Clinical Trial Education Program


Funding recipients will be expected to use outreach, education interventions, and collaborations with public-private and community partnerships to sustain increased enrollment of racial and ethnic minorities in lupus-related clinical trials.


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CFP: Collaborations and Outreach for Student Success: Initiatives for College and Small University Libraries (ACRL Publication)

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While many volumes have been published about academic library outreach programs, these often showcase libraries with extensive staff, budgets, and materials available to them. Visit the publication's website for additional information and to submit your proposal by October 31, 2022.

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Why AI-enabled customer service is key to scaling telco personalization

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

But integrating those efforts with service-related outreach into a comprehensive next-best-experience engine is critical for growth. Telcos increasingly rely on customized commercial marketing.

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The Earned Income Tax Credit: An Underutilized Tool to Fight Poverty

NLC (National League of Cities)

Communities can conduct targeted outreach and assist eligible filers to claim this benefit, […] Source Filer benefits of around $2,500 (as of 2022) can provide greater financial stability and drive positive health outcomes for residents in your communities.

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A robust digital equity plan can boost rural broadband access


A new toolkit from a rural broadband association calls on local leaders to build partnerships, engage in community outreach, and emphasize digital literacy and cybersecurity skills among residents.

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One of the Best Minds in Marketing Says There Is a Way To Turn Your One-Off, In-Person Library Events Into Effective Marketing and Outreach

Super Library Marketing

Watch this video now #LibraryMarketing Show, episode 219 Fact: the effectiveness of social media in promoting your library’s programs, services and collection is declining. But that is not a reason for despair. One of the best minds in marketing says there is a way to turn your one-off, in-person library events into effective marketing.