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Project Budgeting for New Grant Writers

Peak Proposals

Grant proposals have at least two parts: the project narrative and the budget (aka cost proposal). There may not be a division of responsibilities between the cost and narrative proposals at a small nonprofit, leaving the project lead (or the grant writer) to both write the proposal narrative and prepare the budget.

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Citizen Engagement Tools: Online Budget Simulations

Death and Taxes

Blog post by Whitney Afonso, Zach Mohr, and Scott Powell Questions for Practitioners: When (as in time of year) should you engage citizens in budget simulations? Can I expect trust in our government to increase if we engage citizens in budget simulations?


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Local Government Priorities in the President’s Budget Proposal

NLC (National League of Cities)

On March 9, 2023, President Biden released his proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24). The President’s Budget communicates the Administration’s spending priorities to Congress, which is the first step in the federal budget and appropriations process.

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How mobility budgets can change the future of transportation

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

A mobility budget is an employee benefit that can help employers attract and retain talent. It’s also an emerging solution to increase sustainable transit use and reduce congestion in urban areas.

Budgeting 101
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Introduction to Nonprofit Program Budgets

Grant Writing Made Easy

At our most recent Grant Writing Made Easy workshop, we did a deep dive into nonprofit program budgets. Of all the topics I teach inside the course, the budget is the one that students have the most anxiety and confusion around. (By Follow this 3-step process for creating nonprofit program budgets. Understand the key terms.

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Do your grant narrative and project budget align?

Professional Grant Writer

The project budget is often an afterthought in grant writing. The post Do your grant narrative and project budget align? When you’re working on a grant proposal, you probably spend most of your. appeared first on Professional Grant Writer.

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Aligning your grant narrative and grant budget

Professional Grant Writer

The grant budget is often a sticking point in grant writing, whether for a foundation or a large federal grant. The post Aligning your grant narrative and grant budget appeared first on Professional Grant Writer. Inexperienced grant writers.

Budgeting 103