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Using the cloud to advance collaborative water stewardship

AWS Public Sector Blog

Learn more about AWS Water Stewardship. We all need to innovate new ways to help conserve and reuse this precious resource and we are honored to work with DataStream to accelerate their mission.” Learn more about DataStream. Learn more about AWS in Canada’s Public Sector.

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What’s the deal with rural land banks? A Q&A with West Virginia Land Stewardship Corporation Executive Director Taylor Bennett

Center for Community Progress

We spoke with Taylor Bennett , Executive Director of the West Virginia Land Stewardship Corporation (WVLSC). A Q&A with West Virginia Land Stewardship Corporation Executive Director Taylor Bennett appeared first on Center for Community Progress. Work proceeding on remediating the Morgantown Ordinance Works.


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New Study Shows Land Bank Ownership of Vacant Lots Can Reduce Violent Crime

Center for Community Progress

Community-Engaged Stewardship : Due to widespread vacant properties in Flint, there are more properties in GCLBA’s inventory than what their crews can maintain. More intensive forms of GCLBA stewardship (i.e., more than biannual mowing) are associated with greater net reductions in the incident densities of these forms of crime.

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Want to know if your data are managed responsibly? Here are 15 questions to help you find out


COMMENTARY | Responsible data stewardship must take many factors into account including legal requirements, data governance, cybersecurity and user privacy.

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Enhancing Stewardship and Access to the Tennessee River — August Bonus Episode

Open Space Radio: Parks and Recreation Trends

The article explores the Tennessee RiverLine and the partners who worked to advance stewardship and equitable access to the 652-mile Tennessee River. The August issue of Parks & Recreation magazine is out now, and on today’s episode, we’re diving deeper into one of this month’s feature stories, titled, “ A River Runs Through It.”

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Scientists in Parks Internship Program - Natural Resource Stewardship


Deadline to Apply October 01, 2021

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S 26 Episode 04: Volunteer Stewardship

ParkTalk podcast

Volunteer and retired teacher David Cleveland shares stories from decades of environmental projects with children and adults and his nature experiences while running locally and internationally.