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California legalizes human composting


Starting in 2027, California will allow human composting, a green-burial option that is also legal in Colorado, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. Emerging Tech

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How to Prepare Agencies for Long-Term Citizen Service Success

FedTech Magazine

The Government Accountability Office recently released a new strategic plan that will guide efforts from 2022 to 2027 as the agency aids federal operations and addresses the most critical issues facing the nation’s government and society as a whole.

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Three reasons to add VR MDM software to your tech stack in 2023

Open Access Government - Technology News

billion in 2027. Nadav Avni, Chief Marketing Officer at Radix Technologies , explores three reasons to add VR MDM software to your tech stack in 2023. For the average person, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) bring hyperrealistic video games and the Metaverse to mind.

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Advancing Physical Activity and Health Equity Through Active Parks! — Episode 130

Open Space Radio: Parks and Recreation Trends

The guide also supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Active People, Healthy NationSM initiative, which aims to help 27 million people become more physically active by 2027. Parks and recreation is vital to community health and well-being. Local park and recreation agencies connect every member of the community to essential programs, services and spaces that enhance quality of life.

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Washington Post editorializes about Purple Line cockups, inadequately attributes them to Larry Hogan

Rebuilding Place in Urban Space

The Washington Post has an editorial, " The Purple Line is in the news again — for the usual reasons ," about continued failures with the Purple Line light rail project in Montgomery and Prince George's County Maryland, which means it won't open until 2027.

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Freelance Grant Writing: What Is It and Seeing If A Grant Writing Career Is Right For You?

Grant Central USA

It is predicted and estimated by the year 2027 that they're going to be more people doing freelance work than are currently doing it. So by 2027, they're going to be more people on the freelance side of things than are in the traditional side of things right now.

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