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Explaining the Cycle of Systemic Vacancy

Center for Community Progress

Predatory lending in the leadup to the 2008 mortgage crisis overwhelmingly targeted Black and Brown people who were promised that homeownership was the ticket to building generational wealth. The global financial crisis in 2008 was also a major trigger for many communities.

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Revisiting the Community Land Trust: An Academic Literature Review

Community and Economic Development Program of UNC

CLTs offer reliable stewardship of community land assets and a long-term promise of affordable housing (Davis 2010). Local government support is crucial to successful CLTs, and strategies vary between municipalities (Davis and Jacobus 2008). Cambridge, MA: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2008. Davis, John E., Davis, John E.

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Crain's Chicago Business: Crain's Forum on Rebranding Chicago

Rebuilding Place in Urban Space

One of my earliest pieces " Town-City branding or "We are all destination managers now" " (2005) was later expanded into the concept of a city's elected officials and stakeholders are its brand managers in commercial district revitalization framework plans I wrote in 2008 for Cambridge, Maryland, and Brunswick, Georgia.

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Technical Leadership Needs Advance The Politics-Administration Dichotomy

Public Policy Blog

Waldo , concerned himself with the later, more expansive conception of the dichotomy, which included the process of policy making ( Rosenbloom, 2008 ). American political scientist, Dwight D.