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Document History

Park Leaders

Phil Gaines joins this episode to talk about the importance of documenting history in parks, including strategic archiving of photos and videos. Some of the ways this can be done are by creating procedures for archiving significant events, conducting year-end reviews, and documenting landscape changes over time. No effort is too small.

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Automate document processing with Document AI for government

Google Public Sector

Agency leaders can use Document AI to help process paper and images at scale to better deliver services to their constituents. Document AI helps accelerate the speed of innovation, cuts document and image processing time, and extracts information at scale by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure high accuracy.


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Motor Vehicle Departments Transform Tech for Document Management

State Tech Magazine

With 180 million documents a year to process and a billion secured in its data repository, the California Department of Motor Vehicles faced document management challenges long before the complications of REAL ID or the pandemic. Intelligent document processing technologies save time…

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The multi-billion-dollar paper jam: Unlocking trade by digitalizing documentation

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Trade documentation is a paper-intensive and resource-consuming process. An electronic bill of lading could save $6.5 billion in direct costs and enable $40 billion in global trade.

Document 104
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Proactive vs Reactive Maintenance: Making the Case for Preparedness

This document offers insights into efficient inspections, data-driven decision-making, goal alignment, and resource optimization. Discover comprehensive strategies for optimizing operations and achieving cost efficiency! It empowers local governments and maintenance departments to streamline operations and ensure significant cost savings.

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How to Make Digital Documents Work for You


Citizenship and Immigration Services handles documents that have been scanned and entered into a case management system for a human adjudicator to review. Agencies are required to create a digital copy of the physical paper documents,” he said. 3 Steps to Digital.

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Review: Fujitsu fi-8170 Is Ideal for High-Volume Document Retention

State Tech Magazine

From collected tax records to processed licenses, state and local governments need to gather and store a multitude of documents, and many of those records need to be kept for years, if not forever.