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Civix simplifies online campaign finance reporting with AWS serverless technology

AWS Public Sector Blog

Public officials and employees for electoral candidates, political committees, and political action committees (PACs) must publicly disclose their campaign finances in accordance with different state campaign finance disclosure laws. Read on to learn how Civix worked with AWS to create their new solution.

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Creating agentless outbound campaigns to support Medicaid unwinding efforts

AWS Public Sector Blog

In this blog post, learn how to deploy a serverless outbound campaign to meet Medicaid unwinding outreach needs and support agency staff members by streamlining the outreach process. Solution overview: Creating agentless outreach campaigns Agencies can help automate their outreach programs with the Amazon Connect Outbound Campaign solution.


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What Sunrise El Paso Learned From Its Historic Youth-Led Climate Charter Campaign

Next City

El Paso's youth launched a historic fight for the country's first municipal climate charter. After a failed ballot initiative, the group is launching a new effort to bring climate action to Sun City.

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Influencer Marketing Campaign- Clio

The Whistle Post

Unlock Your Future Today The post Influencer Marketing Campaign- Clio appeared first on The WorkPlace. We are about more than a job. We help people begin careers. We are committed to helping you on your journey to success.

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Find More Grants By Rethinking Capital Campaigns

DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services

But taking a good, long look at your organization’s needs could result in a less-traveled way of grant seeking—packaging capacity building, equipment, remodeling, or other extensive work into a capital campaign. The post Find More Grants By Rethinking Capital Campaigns appeared first on DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services.

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‘Safety’ campaigns pre-blame pedestrians for getting hit by cars


Advocates are tired of “tone deaf” messaging that puts the onus for safety on walkers and not on vehicles.

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Why Rangers Wear the Campaign Hat

Park Leaders

On this episode of the Park Leaders Show, guest co-host, Phil Gaines, returns to discuss why rangers should commit to their campaign hat. While badges have their place, as Phil explains, the campaign hat designates authority and captures an iconic legacy to tourists. Facebook – [link].