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Synthetic fraud can be stopped by 2026, report says


Fraudsters have used fake identities made from real information to steal billions from governments and businesses, including unemployment insurance and PPP loans.

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New business building: A new priority for CEOs

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Business leaders predict that by 2026, half of their revenues will come from products, services, or businesses that haven’t yet been created. Why is new business building emerging as a top priority for CEOs and companies? Partner Vivek Lath explains how new business building can help bridge that gap through sustainable, inclusive growth.

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County puts ‘Band-Aids’ on power shortage pain


The electric utility serving Loudoun County, Virginia, cannot power new data centers until 2026, leaving the county looking for temporary solutions.

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Smart Cities Depend on Edge Computing, but Securing It Remains a Challenge

State Tech Magazine

Spending on edge solutions worldwide is expected to be $208 billion in 2023, rising to $317 billion in 2026, according to IDC’s latest study. State and local governments are embracing edge computing in a big way. Several factors are contributing to this increased investment. At the state and local level, edge is the backbone of smart cities.

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Scale Up Your Agency’s Success


Agencies have a lot of data to manage and that can get costly – it’s estimated that 45% or more of all enterprise IT spending will be used toward public cloud solutions by 2026.

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DHS-23-USFA-043-00-99 Fiscal Year 2023 State Fire Training Systems Grant


Furthermore, they support Goal 3 of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Strategic Plan for 2022-2026, aiming to promote and sustain a ready FEMA and a prepared nation. The SFTSG enables state fire training agencies to select from a wide range of courses, with over 200 options available.

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Adopting voice commerce in 2024: Benefits and challenges

Open Access Government - Technology News

billion from 2021 to 2026, showing a CAGR of 24.34%. By 2026, the number of voice assistant users should grow to 157.1 At Itransition, voice commerce is an effective and innovative way for businesses to make digital customer experiences more seamless. According to TechNavio, the voice commerce market is expected to grow by $55.68

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