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Report: State by state, how segregation legally continues 7 decades post Brown


Researchers unveil loopholes, laws and a lack of protections allowing Black, brown, low-income students to be excluded from America’s most coveted schools.

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Water Infrastructure & Environmental Protection: Federal Funding Opportunities for Urban, Rural and Suburban Communities

NLC (National League of Cities)

Co-authored by Damion DeShield This blog series highlights key takeaways from the National League of Cities’ Congressional City Conference Deep Dive Sessions. In the series, we delve into the pressing issues and innovative solutions discussed by city leaders, experts and federal agencies at the forefront of municipal governance.

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San Francisco tries tough love by tying welfare to drug rehab


Starting in January 2025, public assistance recipients who screen positive for addiction on a 10-question drug abuse test will be referred to treatment. Those who refuse or fail to show up for treatment will lose their benefits.

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Decades in the Making: An Introduction to 4 Cities Who Are Leading the Way in Early Learning and the Child Care Economy

NLC (National League of Cities)

NLC’s Early Childhood Success (ECS) team is proud to launch Decades in the Making, a two-year initiative spotlighting a cohort of four cities that have historically demonstrated exceptional commitment to early childhood success.

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The Ultimate Playground Inspection Handbook

Dive into the world of playground safety with this complimentary guide. It offers a detailed exploration of essential practices to ensure the utmost safety for children. Delve into inspection techniques, from assessing equipment conditions to evaluating surfacing materials. Gain insights into maintenance strategies to keep playgrounds in top-notch condition year-round.

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Efforts to reform federal broadband subsidy gain traction


Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed support for tweaks to the Affordable Connectivity Program’s rules in a bid to keep it from sunsetting this month.

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Time Well Spent: How One Library Marketing Team Analyzes Metrics and Uses That Data To Prove Their Value

Super Library Marketing

Ann Malthaner spent her childhood visiting the library where she now works, Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library. “My office is where the Children’s Department used to be,” recalls Ann. “When I started working here 18 years ago, some of the librarians from my childhood still worked here, and I remember feeling excited to meet them on my first day, almost as if I were meeting celebrities.

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Control algorithm for shape-shifting soft robots

Open Access Government - Technology News

Shape-shifting soft robots: MIT researchers have created a control algorithm that could revolutionise the field of soft robotics This innovative technology could pave the way for shape-shifting robots capable of seamlessly navigating through complex environments, including inside the human body. Shape-shifting soft robots and their ability to fit into their surroundings Soft robots can alter their entire shape.

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State and Local Governments Benefit from Data Center Sustainability

State Tech Magazine

By making data centers more efficient, state and local governments can kill two (or more) birds with one stone. Data center optimization ensures compliance with regulations, saves money and helps agencies to be environmentally conscious. In the face of regulatory mandates and pressure from citizens, agencies are rightly looking to make their operations more sustainable.

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Barrett & Greene

Employee surveys can provide extremely valuable information for supervisors, managers and HR officials in cities, counties, and states when they reveal both the negative and positive sentiments that employees have about their workforce. They have the potential to lead to decisions that will improve workforce satisfaction and retention of valued employees.

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Agencies Should Consider 3 Factors Before Transitioning to Wi-Fi 6E

FedTech Magazine

Transitioning to Wi-Fi 6E might not be the right call for every agency, despite the fact 1 in 3 Wi-Fi 6 device shipments is expected to be compatible with the standard by 2025. Wi-Fi 6E adds support for the 6-gigahertz band of wireless spectrum — which was first opened to wireless by the U.S. — while offering significantly faster speeds and lower latency (and therefore, better application, voice, video and virtual reality user experiences).

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7 Signs Your Local Government ERP Is Holding You Back: A Guide for Small Municipalities

Local governments and municipalities serving populations under 200,000 face distinctive challenges in delivering efficient and effective services to their communities. To overcome these challenges, many rely on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems tailored to their specific needs. Not all ERP systems are created equal, and some may hinder progress rather than support it.

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Living a creative life at the library

Princeton Public Library

I started my career as an author for teens and tweens in 1999. My two decades in the book business swung wildly between periods of The post Living a creative life at the library appeared first on Princeton Public Library.

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Town of Parachute Creates a Digital Experience for Public Meetings

Government Technology Insider

Managing agendas for a public meeting can often feel like a full-time job – which can be especially time consuming for town clerks who are operating a one-person department in their small town. This was the case for Lucy Spalenka, Town and Court Clerk of the town of Parachute. Spalenka described the town of Parachute as a small town with a big community.

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Grant Management Magic

Grant Writing Made Easy

Finding the Perfect Software for Your Nonprofit Ah, grant management! The cornerstone of nonprofit sustainability and success, yet often as complex as brewing a potion. In the vibrant nonprofit world, where grant processes seem to twist and turn like a labyrinth, having the right grant management software isn’t just helpful—it’s a game changer.

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WMATA's latest bus improvement program

Rebuilding Place in Urban Space

is discussed by WTOP, " Metro’s future of bus service could bring new routes and end some familiar stops." When I first saw coverage I thought, "what about the 2017" initiative, although granted it was before covid. And when thinking about writing about it, I remembered a bus initiative back in 2006 too. But of course, conditions have changed greatly since then.

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Sustainable Facility Maintenance Management for Small Local Governments

Unlock the potential of sustainable facility management! This guide empowers small local governments to lead with climate-resilient infrastructure, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and more. Elevate your community's resilience, reduce costs, and embrace eco-friendly practices. Discover the role of facility maintenance teams in green cleaning, sustainability analyses, and infrastructure upgrades.

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Upper Providence, PA Deployed IT Ticketing and Compost Disposal Application Modules With GovPilot


Upper Providence, PA expands their partnership with the government management software provider to streamline operations and government services in the municipality.

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The climate crisis and radical political action

Policy & Politics Journal blog

by Hubert Buch-Hansen and Martin Bæk Carstensen Addressing the existential threat posed by the climate and biodiversity crises requires deep-seated transformative change. Such change necessitates political action far more radical than that characterising current mainstream policymaking.

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Ingentis Optimizes HR Management with Ready-to-Run Extensions


Listen to the Org. Manager podcast to hear John Kranz, VP of Customer Success at Ingentis, discuss best practices for streamlining organizational structure charts, HR management systems and data visualization processes. Learn how your Public Sector agency can deliver visual workforce data with ready-to-run extensions. Listen to the Org. Manager podcast to hear John Kranz, VP of Customer Success at Ingentis, discuss best practices for streamlining organizational structure charts, HR management sy