Fri.Jun 21, 2024

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Building emergency housing to meet the unique needs of older adults


A silver tsunami of older adults experiencing homelessness is starting to crash across the U.S. Here’s how one state is trying to soften the blow.

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How One Data Dashboard Helps Small Cities Leverage Federal Funding

NLC (National League of Cities)

Co-authored by Lacy Glencora Loftin, Grant Navigator, National League of Citites In many communities, decades of underinvestment in federal workforce development programs, disaster mitigation and federal food programs leaves too many families hungry, vulnerable to extreme weather, underperforming in schools and struggling to make ends meet.


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In tax code ruling, U.S. Supreme Court declined to open ‘Pandora's box’


Justices sided with the government, avoiding a decision that could have upended the tax code and cost state and local governments trillions of dollars.

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Author Talks: Ruchir Sharma on the pitfalls and promise of the capitalist system

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

“Money makes the world go round,” but Rockefeller International chairman Ruchir Sharma argues that capitalism really isn’t achieving its full potential. If financial bailouts aren’t the answer, what is?

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Key Strategies for Public Works Employees to Embrace Government Software

In a rapidly evolving landscape, the integration of digital software into Public Works teams has become imperative. This shift presents an opportunity to transcend traditional approaches, unlocking new levels of efficiency, cost savings, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. This eBook offers comprehensive strategies to navigate this transformation.

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A tale of two states: Arizona and Florida diverge on how to expand kids’ health insurance


Both Florida and Arizona want to expand eligibility for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP, but their approaches to charging low-income families premiums for the coverage showcase the nation’s ideological divide on helping the disadvantaged.

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CISA’s Greenfield Solution: A Model for IT Modernization in the Zero-Trust Era

FedTech Magazine

Managing security effectively across a vast landscape of legacy technologies at some point feels like a losing proposition for federal cybersecurity and IT teams. There are too many updates, patches and critical fixes to tackle — all to maintain systems that likely don’t offer the power or agility required to run more innovative solutions. Enter the “greenfield” approach, which allows agencies to regain control and build new environments free of legacy code while dramatically reducing their atta

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Adventure begins at the library for all ages

Princeton Public Library

Stickers, coupons for ice cream and summer reading logs go together like barbecues and fireworks on the fourth of July. But, summe The post Adventure begins at the library for all ages appeared first on Princeton Public Library.

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Guide To Generating Local Government Revenue Through Private Sector Partnerships


Generating revenue for local governments is a tall task that many local officials find to be challenging in various ways. Mainly officials are often wondering, “Where do we even begin?

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4 Examples of Supporting Children’s Play in Low-Income Urban Neighborhoods

The City Fix

The International Day of Play (IDOP), held annually on June 11th, is a unifying global moment to celebrate the power of play for all children everywhere. IDOP draws attention to Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of.

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At a crossroads: New York’s status as a global fashion capital

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Bold action may be needed to maintain the city’s prominence in the industry.

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Empower Digital Government: Strategic Workbook for Modern Transformation

Digital transformation is reshaping government interactions, bringing agencies closer to the communities they serve. However, while many have adopted new digital tools, few have implemented comprehensive strategies to maximize their benefits. Our Strategic Workbook for Modern Government offers a step-by-step guide to developing a sustainable digital strategy.

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‘Death by a thousand cuts’: A look at Big Tech’s efforts to influence data privacy


Maine’s struggles to pass such a law have familiar ring for Maryland lawmakers.

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Where Will You Be on Q Day?


An interview with Avesta Hojjati, Vice President of Engineering, DigiCert For almost half a century, encryption algorithms have kept data safe. No matter how powerful today’s classical computers get, that encryption would still take thousands — or even millions — of years to break. The advent of quantum computing has changed all that. Put simply, some problems that are arduous for classical binary computers to solve, including the mathematical problems behind today’s encryption methods, are easy

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