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Barrett & Greene

But glitter often tarnishes as time passes and efforts go through a rational progression of brainstorming, bringing in stakeholders, finding revenue streams, building a talent base, and forging through a political process that can sometimes favor inertia over momentum.

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Barrett & Greene

“Jumping into new initiatives.

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ELECTION LAW:  Federal District Court Judge Orders Georgia Lawmakers to Redraw Congressional Map for the 2024 Election

NLRG (National Legal Research Group)

Accordingly, the federal court concluded that despite the fact that Black voters have more opportunities, "the political process is not equally open to Black voters." Further, the court concluded that the current U.S.

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Public service leaders join a celebration of the 2023 Service to America Medal® winners

Partnership for Public Service

Kate Bolduan at the Sammies “Unfortunately, all the dysfunction in our political process in Washington is … giving the public at large more reasons to be skeptical about the value of government.

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Maximizing Underused Hospital-Owned Land for Affordable Housing

The Stoop (NYU Furman Center)

But changing zoning in New York City is a complicated, expensive, and political process. In some cases, the current zoning will be too outdated to serve the anticipated needs of healthcare facilities, requiring zoning to be changed.

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Lobbying my rep about the Move to Amend project

Legal privileges for businesses, even non-profits, are subject to the political process already in place. Nearly one fifth of Vermont towns have passed resolutions at town meeting (over a decade ago) affirming that they feel money is not speech and corporations are not people.

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How to Boost Public Involvement with a Community Engagement Platform

Social Pinpoint

People need to see that their input has had a tangible impact and improved people’s lives to want to participate in political processes in the future. The more that people positively engage with others and contribute to community-decision making, the more they will value it. Show the community why involvement matters.