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Revisiting the Community Land Trust: An Academic Literature Review

Community and Economic Development Program of UNC

Housing prices have increased far faster than incomes (Miller 2015), making affordable homeownership inaccessible for many aspiring homeowners (Hackett et al. CLTs offer reliable stewardship of community land assets and a long-term promise of affordable housing (Davis 2010). Meehan, 2014). Where have CLTs been established?

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Transforming Cleveland Vacant Lots into an Urban Farm

Center for Community Progress

When the land bank found the perfect property—a house at 13611 Kinsman Road—they negotiated to release a collateral lien on the house, rehabilitated it, and gifted the home to Gardner and the CCCC in 2015 to serve as their permanent headquarters. The condemned Carpenters Hall at Kinsman Road in 2011.

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Crain's Chicago Business: Crain's Forum on Rebranding Chicago

Rebuilding Place in Urban Space

must be consistent and focused on making the right decisions, the decisions that collectively achieve and support the realization of the community’s desired vision and positioning in terms of quality of life/placemaking, economic health, and the stewardship of physical assets and the built and natural environment.