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Tackling New York City’s Housing Crisis is a ‘Shared Responsibility’

The Stoop (NYU Furman Center)

In some of these low-density neighborhoods, no new affordable housing has been permitted since 2015. Housing Units Completed or Permitted (2015-2023) This map represents the housing units completed or permitted since 2015 (for affordable units, those <=80% AMI), normalized by the total housing units in the Community District in 2015.

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Student training program tackles Thailand’s air pollution with help from AirGradient, AWS

AWS Public Sector Blog

million Thai citizens seeking treatment for pollution-related illnesses at the start of 2024 ( up 23 percent from 2023, according to data from the country’s National Economic and Social Development Council). Since 2015, AWS has made major investments in Thailand, serving customers and unlocking transformation across industries.

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CFP: CJAL Special Issue: Libraries and/as Extraction

A Library Writer's Blog

CFP URL: [link] CJAL Special Issue: Libraries and/as Extraction 2023-10-16 The concept of extraction (or extractivism) has been used in myriad disciplines — geography, international relations, environment, economics — often to describe social formations around natural resource management. More information can be found at [link] Karen P.

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Learning what not to do from the New England Patriots football team

Rebuilding Place in Urban Space

Basically, I'm interested in continuous process improvement and iterative learning (" Incrementalism as a concept of iterative improvement in government project development no longer a legitimate public administration theory ," 2023) applied to government and social program improvement.

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